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Jeff Moser


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jeff,
    Enjoyed reviewing your trip from Big Meadow to Echo Summit. It’s the same route I’m leading our Boy Scout troop on July 14-17. We’re including stops at Scott and Dardanelles lakes. Hope the snow has melted by then.

    1. Thanks, Mark! You should be fine with the snow, but bring your mosquito repellent! Hope your trip is great.

  2. Hi Jeff. Just found your blog and really enjoy it. Even though I’ve been in CC for 20+ years, have just really started to enjoy the area in the last 2 or so, and have pretty much ended up in the Tuolumne Meadows areas of Yosemite which, although terrifice, are getting more and more crowded.

    Last weekend I enjoyed an incredible dayhike that you describe out of Coleville-Walker up along the Driveway Trail to the fork by the Basque Arri Mutillak. Your post makes me want to continue onward and I am going to enjoy reading more about your trips in this wonderful area.

    I’m also always searching for hiking companions compatible with a 60 year old birder, so if you know of any groups, let me know.

    It’s great to find people that really appreciate what we have in our own back yards here

    Thanks again, J.

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