The Path Less Beaten is about adventures in the outdoors. On this site you’ll find stories about hiking, backpacking, camping, road tripping, cycling, cave exploring, snowshoeing, and more. In the posts there are many tips on where to go and how to get there. We’ll also review the gear we’ve used along the way.

Using Carson City, NV as our base camp, we’re centrally located for adventures around the west. Most of our outings take place in northern Nevada and California’s eastern Sierras, while some trips take us along the Pacific Coast, the Pacific Northwest, and even the canyon lands of southern Utah.

While the scenery in our adventures may be extreme, we certainly are not. We’re novice adventurers, learning as we go. Many of the trips here are family friendly, or can be tackled by those with less experience. Hopefully you will find the information and inspiration on this site you need for your next adventure.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Again, great to see and read about your adventures. Nice photos. I hiked from June Lake Loop to 1000 Island Lake in about 1969. Seems like some of your hikes are sort of easy as far as steepness goes. I’m 69 now and have COPD and had back surgery 2 years ago. So I’m looking for places where I can camp or get a cabin for a couple days to acclimate and then take an easy hike up to 3 miles or so. Any suggestions would be most welcome. steve.gok2006@gmail.com
    McKinleyville CA
    Humboldt County

  2. We just did a trip and had a base camp SE of Parker lake at a Hunting Campground. We hiked the Walker Lake, Gibbs Lake and the Agnew Lake out of Rush Creek. That Agnew Lake hike kicked my butt, yet it was a beautiful hike. Appreciate the page and the posts. Happy Adventures.

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