PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System Review

The PlatyPreserve is labeled a “Wine Preservation System”. According to their website, wine can go bad in just a few hours when opened and exposed to oxygen. This system claims to extended the life of your wine several days, since its flexible design allows you to squeeze all the air out of it before tightening the cap.

Platy Preserve Wine Preservation System
PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System

While the PlatyPreserve website showcases the preservation qualities of the system, the transportation aspects are what really drove our purchase. Taking a glass bottle of wine on a day hike can be inconvenient or problematic. The bottles are bulky and heavy, and after you open them, can easily spill if you knock the cork out. Taking a wine bottle backpacking is not at all practical. The PlatyPreserve weighs next to nothing though, is flexible, and doesn’t leak. When it’s empty, you can roll it up and it takes up very little room in your pack or bear vault.

Twenty Lakes Basin
Field Testing the PlatyPreserve

In the past we have tried the little plastic bottles of Sutter Home. While this worked out ok, we were stuck with drinking Sutter Home exclusively, was too bulky for the amount of wine we could bring, and the empty bottles took up too much room in the bear vault even when empty. Another noteworthy wine preservation/transportation system is the Climber Pouch from Clif Family Winery. It comes filled with the equivalent of 2 bottles of their wine. The Climber Pouch is not as versatile though, since it is not reusable, it’s not as easy to customize how much wine you bring with you, and there is a spigot that has a potential for problems in your pack.

PlatyPreserve Highlights:

  • At 800 ml (27oz), it holds a whole bottle of wine.
  • Keeps wine fresh and doesn’t transfer a plastic taste to your wine.
  • Allows you to repackage and bring the wine of your choosing.
  • Flexible design easily fits in a bear vault to further preserve your wine.
  • Rolls up to a very small volume when empty.
  • Can be written on with a dry erase pen to identify the contents.
  • Won’t shatter and leave broken glass in the outdoors.
  • Reusable.  Use it again, and again.
  • Parent company is Cascade Designs, one of the most respected brands in the outdoor industry.

We’ve used the PlatyPreserve on our last two weekend backpacking trips with great results.  It was such a treat to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day while watching the sun go down.  And since it holds a whole bottle of wine, we had enough wine for both nights.  Keeping the wine away from the bears was easy too, since the PlatyPreserve’s flexible design allowed it to be easily stowed in our Bear Vault.

PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System
Keep track of the contents with a dry erase pen

As a precaution, we’ve been keeping the PlatyPreserve in a large ziplock bag when stuffed in a backpack; however, we haven’t seen any evidence of leaking yet.  I’m sure we’ll continue to do this for overnight trips though, as having gear soaked in red wine would be no fun.

Bottom Line:  The PlatyPreserve is highly recommended for the outdoor enthusiast looking to transport, preserve, and enjoy their wine wherever their adventures may take them.

Buy the PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System now at REI!

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